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A Note on the Novel

I grew up on the North Shore of Boston near the seaside communities of Manchester-by-the-Sea and Beverly Farms.  These small communities have an old world feel to them, a sense of the bygone, and their shores are graced by stately houses originally built as summer homes for the Boston Brahmin.  




I had always been fascinated by these old houses and the people who inhabited them, and I was somewhat privy to that world through my grandmother, who lived for many years in Beverly Farms.  Thus, the first pages of my novel began with one such house and a young woman who inherits it after the death of her great aunt Ursula.   


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The novel begins with the main character, Larisa, purchasing a wedding dress though she has no groom.  When I wrote these opening pages, I was curious to see how far she would take this ruse.  But as the manuscript took shape, I found it more interesting to explore the challenging circumstances, namely the mother’s illness, that led Larisa to engage in deceptive behavior and then ultimately come clean.